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Gender Based Violence in a Youth Setting

GEMAP attended the ‘Making Young People Equally Safe' launch event at Glasgow City Chambers on the guidelines for responding to Gender Based Violence in a Youth Setting. The event was delivered by the Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership (GVAWP) & the Health Improvement Team. The guidelines function as a useful, practical resource for anyone working with young people and features a really helpful Gender Based Violence referral pathway and steps for responding to disclosures of gender based violence that can compliment our existing child protection policy. Stephanie, from GEMAP, has been involved with the Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership and other organisations facilitating the Violence Against Women basic awareness training.

GEMAP is particularly supportive of these guidelines as they affect and safeguard young people.

Councillor Jim Coleman, chair of Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership, said, "This guidance was developed in recognition of the relationship youth workers have with children and young people. We have a responsibility to build their skills and acknowledge to ensure they know how to handle complaints of gender based violence correctly in a youth work setting."