Thriving Places - Easterhouse


GEMAP Scotland were delighted to be part of the conversation around Easterhouse at an event on Thursday 24th November hosted by Platform for Thriving Places Easterhouse. It was great to chat with everyone and get a sense of what peoples priorities are for the area.

The group's Community Organisor, Maggie MacBean, is looking to put together a ‘Residents Only Group’ for the Housing Area of Easterhouse. This is so that the group can decide what the priorities for Thriving Places Easterhouse will be and decide who is best to approach for carrying out actions, etc.

If you would like to be part of such a group, can you let Maggie know please? Once she has a list of interested people, she can start setting up dates to meet and decide on themes to discuss!

Let’s keep talking!

Maggie can be contacted at