TSB account holders

If you have an account with the TSB Bank, you could have difficulty accessing your accounts or paying bills. The bank claims it is only affecting mobile and online banking but some of our customers are having problems using TSB branches to draw money out of their accounts.

This IT problem does not seem to impact on every TSB customer, so you should check if you are affected.

Check that you can use any debit or credit cards.

Check that you can lift cash from ATM’s.

Check your electronic payments are being made.

What to do

  • Contact the bank if you can’t access any services that you use
  • Check if any standing orders are unlikely to be honoured
  • Contact anyone who may be expecting a payment and inform them if you think the payment may not arrive with them
  • When you get access to your account make sure no deposits or withdrawals have been made that you can’t account for
  • Maybe consider putting off non-essential expenditure until the problem with your account is resolved
  • If you have been affected, make sure you get compensation
  • For further info on the services that have been impacted by this visit the TSB Online Banking site and login for full details and advice