Do you know that Universal Credit is paid monthly?

Do you know that your housing costs are part of Universal Credit?

Do you know that it is just one payment per household?

These are quite big changes to manage, but if your circumstances don’t suit any of these things you may be able to get an Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA).

Even if you don’t need or want an alternative, you may just want a hand with the transition to paying your bills monthly and managing to make your money last for the month.

Well GEMAP have the service for you, it’s called the Personal Budgeting Service (PBS). This will get you a couple of one to one appointments with a GEMAP adviser to help with any problems you might have or anything you’re not sure about.

These sessions are actually interactive and fun to take part in, and completely voluntary, no forcing you to go.

I would like to discuss this with a GEMAP advisor

If you would like to be referred in or just want more info then speak to your job coach at the DWP and ask them to refer you in. It’s that simple!