Got an important event coming up? Struggling to get through the week or month? Have a look at our budget app to find out where your money is really going and tips to manage your money.

Budget Planner

Budgeting Tips

Use cash. This can be harder to part with for an item that a swipe of a credit/debit card

If you are part of a couple, share the responsibility of constructing and sticking to a budget

Look at your budget and receipts regularly, can you spot somewhere you can cut your expenditure?

Why not pick up free newspaper rather than buying one

Take lunch to work instead of buying it outside

Don’t buy expensive goods on impulse. Research what you are wanting and look around for the best deals.

Go shopping at the end of the day for reduced items that you can maybe freeze

Don’t stay loyal to one shop, look around to get the most for your money

Go shopping with friends to make the most of BOGOF deals

Use money off vouchers and codes whenever you can

‘It’s only a bargain if you will use it’

Use the money mantra:
Do I need it?
Can I afford it?
Will I use it?
Is it worth it?