Big White Wall is a digital mental health and wellbeing service, offering safe, anonymous online support available 24/7.

It offers a range of therapeutic pathways, including peer and professional support and creative self-expression. There is also a range of evidence-based online courses, tips and clinical tests on topics including managing anxiety, positive thinking, smoking cessation and weight management. Counsellors are online at all times to moderate the service and provide further support. In some areas, BWW delivers face-to-face therapy online, via its own experienced therapists or with NHS clinicians.

BWW was founded in 2007, in response to the lack of safe spaces to talk about mental health online. The service is now commissioned by the NHS, local authorities, employers and universities. BWW also works with the Ministry of Defence and Help for Heroes to provide free support for all UK serving personnel, veterans and their family members. To date, BWW has helped over 70,000 people to manage their wellbeing.

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