Rent Arrears

Sometimes you may struggle to pay your rent due to unforeseen circumstances. If you do find yourself struggling to maintain your rent payments you MUST SEEK ADVICE IMMEDIATELY.

GEMAP advisors are here to help you try find a solution. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

GEMAP advisors will intervene and negotiate your behalf with your landlord to try and prevent further action being taken against you, this could be for example

  • You have received Reminder Letters about your rent arrears
  • You have received a Notice of proceedings (threatened with court action)
  • You are being threatened with eviction and have a court hearing date.

There a number of interventions GEMAP can do before any court action has been raised against you including:

  • Negotiations with landlords
  • Setting up of repayment proposals
  • Checking your entitlement to any benefits Please contact a GEMAP advisor
  • Setting up of direct deductions from benefits to pay arrears

GEMAP can also take steps to help you when any court proceedings have started by making you an URGENT appointment with Govan Law Centre to speak independently to a lawyer.

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