The Cabinet

'The Cabinet' was a collaboration between the Youth MSPs and GEMAP Scotland and evolved as a piece of political theatre. We met with Suki Wan MSYP, Lewis O'Neill MSYP and Aqeel Ahmed MSYP for a number of months to refine the piece and we will look to refine even more during the coming year. The Youth Council which hosts the young MSPs, agreed it was a great piece. The premise was about budgeting and how we all need to set a balanced budget and the consequences of decisions we make. The setting for the event was the Chamber Rooms at Glasgow City Chambers and it couldn't have been bettered.


This was the first time that GEMAP had live streamed an event across its social media platforms. Given that it was our first time of dipping our toes into the waters of video broadcast, we were absolutely delighted with the figures. The total 'reach' (the amount of people on whose timelines the broadcast link featured) was 4020 with the total number of people viewing the broadcast, an incredible 662 across all platforms. These are the figures for GEMAP's broadcasts. At this point, the numbers for the Glasgow YC/MSP's own broadcasts are not available.