Making a drama out of a crisis!

GEMAP teamed up with Toonspeak to support the creation of a new piece of educational theatre on the subject of money and financial capability.

Toonspeak elected to work with GEMAP as we are a social enterprise working from Easterhouse, offering financial inclusion and money advice services with a dedicated team who go out to schools and teach young people about finance.

The first stage in the process Toonspeak taking part in a weekend of workshops led by GEMAP to frame their own understanding.

After this they were all off to Cove Park. This was an intense week of working together, cooking together and getting to know one another.

Post-show workshops were facilitated by Emma Ritchie from GEMAP and Libby McArthur for students to discuss the issues raised. The show was a fantastic vehicle to raise awareness of key issues that face young people regarding money, having been devised by young people themselves.

Toonspeak were gracious in their thanks to the team at GEMAP for collaborating and for all the hard work of Brian Togher, Scott Leonard, Justina Čepauskytė and Emma Ritchie.

A fantastic aspect of the project was that they were able to pay the young people involved a fee, an aspiration for Toonspeak and very well deserved. A massive thank you is also due to the funders who made the show possible...

*Many thanks to Paula Morgan at Toonspeak for the above article.