What is rent

As a tenant you must pay rent to your landlord in return for living in their property. An agreement should be made between you and your landlord on the amount of rent to be paid.  This should be agreed before your tenancy starts.

We would advise that you check your tenancy agreement to make sure items 1-5 listed below are all included

•    how much the rent will be
•    when is the rent due (weekly, monthly, etc)
•    on which day should the rent be paid
•    how should be the rent paid (standing order, direct debit, cheque or cash)
•    What does the rent cover (does it include council tax or gas, electricity or phone bills?)

You may be entitled to some help to pay your rent
Always check even if you believe your income is too high.

For more information please see HERE.

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Who has to pay rent?

As the tenant and you are the only person named on the tenancy agreement then you are solely responsible for paying your rent.  

A joint tenancy is when there is more than one person named on the tenancy agreement. All named parties will be responsible for paying the rent.  If one of you does not pay, the others are responsible for paying that person's share.

What if your landlord increases your rent?

Your landlord have to follow certain procedures before they can put your rent up. If you find yourself in this situation please contact GEMAP and we will be happy to discuss this further with you.

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Can my gas and electricity be included in my rent charge?

Usually, when you move into a rented property, your landlord will ask you to put the gas and electricity bills in your name.  In some housing associations you may have a communal heating charge this is included in the total rent charge you pay, this should be clearly stated in your tenancy agreement.  If you are entitled to any housing benefit please note that the heating charge will not be included for benefit entitlement If they state otherwise please contact a GEMAP advisor.

I would like to discuss this with a GEMAP advisor

Housing Benefit / Local Housing Allowance

Rent Arrears